Manuka Honey 5+ 250g

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100% New Zealand

Manuka honey only comes from New Zealand from the nectar of the native Manuka Bush.

Pollen source

Manuka honey can only be harvested after the manuka bush has been in flower. The resulting honey is tested for its pollen source and to ensure other physical characteristics of manuka honey are present – thick almost jelly like, amber in colour.

Non Peroxide Activity

Our manuka honey is tested for Non Peroxide activity. NPA is what makes manuka honey unique and should not be confused ‘Total Activity’ which disguises low or non-existent NPA, or simply ‘Active’ honey which refers to peroxide activity common to all honey).

Ethical family business, taking your health seriously.

Family Business

We are a family business with direct relationships to local New Zealand producers. All of our honey is bought direct from artisan producers and we pay a fair price to our apiarists for our honey. We believe that small is sustainable, responsible and beautiful. All our honey has been independently certified in registered New Zealand laboratories.

Ensure raw, authentic and delicious honey

We pack our honey in glass jars because we believe this ensures our honey tastes better and it's more environmentally friendly than plastic. We take extra time and care when bottling our honey and only bottle at low, ambient hive temperature.

Your health first

We understand how natural enzymes in our food are essential to human health – they increase bio availability of nutrients – and improve the effectiveness of natural foods. The big names in honey don't bottle at low, ambient temperatures as it costs more leaving the customer short-changed instead.


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"Great Honey, my kids love it! Your Products are of a very high standard and I am very pleased I got to know about them.."


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"Great products and service. Delicious Manuka Honey, my best mate for a great breakfast."


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"My wife started buying your product a while ago and I have to say I am now addicted too.

We believe small ethical companies like you are focusing more on quality and this is what we are looking for. Thanks."



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