Toxins present the human body with constant challenges: they age us, slow us down, impair our digestion and negatively affect our appearance. If allowed to build up in our cells, toxic stagnation can cause disease and chronic ill health. A good internal cleansing is called for, but somehow we have lost our connection with regular detoxification in our approach to eating.

Properly carried out, a detox has much to offer us: it can make us feel more attuned and awake, bringing rest and rejuvenation throughout our bodies. While we sleep and breathe, we are naturally detoxing: many more toxins are shed through our skin. We can increase this action by drinking more water and ensuring that our levels of fresh vegetables, fruit and fibre remain high, foregoing stimulants such as sugar and caffeine.

Green Bay's green leaf powders are packed with chlorophyll, making them ideal for supporting the body during its daily internal cleanse. Taken consistently, they can bring remarkable detox benefits, helping to decongest the liver, purify the blood and invigorate the entire system.