Our blood is our "liquid tissue", travelling through a vast network of blood vessels to provide water, oxygen and nutrients to all cells and clearing away cellular waste. A healthy heart to drive our circulation and abundant nutrients such as silicon, potassium and vitamin K to keep our arteries supple are essential to maintaining this vital flow.

Broken capillaries, chilblains and varicose veins are some of the conditions that arise where circulation is not moving steadily: more seriously, the "bad" fats we eat can become rancid and enmeshed in the cell walls of veins and arteries, giving rise to heart disease.

Among its many wonderful properties, Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey emulsifies fats, enabling the body to remove them more easily from the blood, while the apple pectin supports this cleansing action by dislodging cholesterol from the arteries. A good intake of Flax Fibre may improve blood cholesterol levels, which are a factor in cardiovascular problems. The fibre appears to trap fat and glucose, enabling it to be swept out of the body, and seems to provide some protection against high blood pressure and angina. Essential fatty acids help to thin the blood, reducing the chance of blood clots forming. They also build flexible, permeable cell walls, an important factor in maintaining healthy arteries.

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