Manuka Honey Wellbeing Syrup

April 30,2013

Our delicious blend of active Manuka honey with its proven antibacterial properties, and concentrated natural fruit and herbal extracts to support immunity, makes an invigorating sweet remedy for the whole family.

We’ve developed our Wellbeing Syrups as an easy, one-spoon daily immunity booster and cold remedy. Great for building protection against illness or as a recovery support, our syrups are naturally sweet (we don’t add sugar), and are packed with vitamins and good antioxidants.

Naturally Good for You
Our Wellbeing Syrups have powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. We blend 10+ NPA Manuka honey (23%) and organic Clover honey with natural fruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants and apple cider vinegar (14%, with ‘the mother‘) which is rich in pectin and malic acid for joint and digestive health. This is a wellbeing recipe that aims to balance body pH, promote good sleep and is palatable even for youngsters.

A few of the ways that Active Manuka Honey Wellbeing Syrups can help your body stay strong and healthy are:

  • Immunity
  • Coughs & colds
  • Wellbeing

Active Manuka honey has restorative powers that make it a desirable food when recuperating from illness.

Good levels of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, bioflavonoids and anthocyanins are supplied by the delicious fruit extracts, while pectin (a soluble fibre) helps reduce cholesterol and balance blood sugar.

Blackcurrant seed oil contains 18 per cent gamma linoleic acid, a valuable aid in cases of arthritis, premenstrual syndrome and skin disorders.

Wellbeing Syrup is easy to incorporate into your diet whether it is taken by the spoon or used as a squash mixed with water.


There are lots of great reasons to bring Wellbeing Syrup into your family life, and it’s a really easy addition to make. Here’s why:

As it is relatively acidic, our Manuka honey discourages the growth of “hostile” bacteria, while replenishing healthy tissue and stimulating the production of white blood cells. Apple cider vinegar’s powerful enzymes also help to invigorate the liver, helping to clear toxicity before it impairs our immunity. Echinacea is a herb prized for its help in supporting immunity, while the anthocyanins in blackcurrants are clinically proven to assist in preventing eye disease.

Coughs & Colds
Effective against throat-infecting bacteria, Manuka honey is also anti-inflammatory, soothing a sore, irritated throat while combating infection. Children with night-time coughs who were given Manuka honey in a 2007 study reported good symptom relief and good sleep. Combining Manuka honey with richly coloured blackcurrant and cherry, together with alkalising apple, provides a restorative, naturally sweet syrup that children like. Propolis and echinacea can also be especially helpful in combating throat and mouth infections.

The healing properties of Manuka honey, together with the enzyme-rich apple cider vinegar, have traditionally been used to help relieve digestive upsets. The natural food acids found in apple cider vinegar and fruit extracts actually have an alkalising effect when drunk, acting as a buffer against acidity in the body and protecting vital tissues.


We blend New Zealand 10+ active Manuka honey (20% concentration) with health-giving natural fruit and herb extracts and apple cider vinegar for its additional enzymes and alkalizing effects, to produce a balanced syrup to enhance wellbeing. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced from the pristine, unpolluted landscapes of New Zealand.


Use one part well-being syrup with up to five parts water or take daily 1 tablespoon (10ml) for adults, 1 teaspoon (5ml) for children over 5 years.

Green Bay Provenance Promise

Our customers value our commitment to making sure we know exactly where our products are grown and harvested so that they are as pure as can be. It’s our promise to you that you can trust.

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