Active Manuka Honey Lozenges

April 30,2013

Honey has been used as a remedy for more than 4000 years; what makes Manuka so unique is its very potent proven anti-bacterial properties. active Manuka honey’s remarkable properties help fight bacterial infections, particularly in the mouth and throat (it is even used in hospitals to treat wounds) as well as supporting good digestion.

Active Manuka Honey Lozenges can help your body stay strong and healthy:

  • Fighting infection
  • Soothing Digestion
  • Throat, mouth & voice care

Our lozenges are made from active Manuka honey with a certified activity rating of 12+ to 8+, which means they have powerful, active antibacterial properties.

Good levels of antioxidants help combat inflammation while zinc and B vitamins are key nutrients for relieving stress.


Our active Manuka honey lozenges have a natural honey taste because they are 70-90% active Manuka honey (depending on flavour type). We use lab certified active Manuka honey and add totally natural herbal and real fruit extracts to our flavoured lozenges for the extra benefits these bring, but that’s it - we don’t add sugar or anything else.

To help the lozenges keep their shape, we’ve added a natural starch from the root of the cassava plant (10%), which is hydroscopic - working to absorb moisture and stabilise. Our Manuka honey lozenges are naturally good for you, and they’re an easy way to have Manuka honey on-the-go.

Red Superfruits are made with active Manuka honey blended with antioxidant-rich natural cherry and red berry extracts. These fruit extracts are chosen for their high anti-oxidant properties (ORAC score) , anthocyanins and polyphenols which are all the more important as our bodies are stressed by physical exertion, lack of sleep and in advancing years. Sour cherry extracts have been shown to aid good sleep.

Lemon lozenges are made from active Manuka honey blended with zesty lemon juice and soothing lemon oil.

Echinacea and Propolis lozenges are made from active Manuka honey blended with immunity-enhancing echinacea and infection-fighting propolis. As well as Manuka honey’s unique and powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, we’ve added extracts of echinacea and propolis (produced by the bees to protect the hive from infection).

Blackcurrant lozenges are made from active Manuka honey blended with blackcurrant juice for a tart sweet flavour. New Zealand blackcurrants are known for their intense flavour and high levels of anthocyanins stored in the skin (this is due to the intensity of the light). As well as Manuka honey’s unique and powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, our Blackcurrant Bliss flavour packs a vitamin punch – great for an antioxidant immunity boost.


Fight Infection
Active Manuka honey has two antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide and a manuka factor or non-peroxide activity (NPA) which gives the ‘rating’ number.These two types of antibacterial activity are thought to work together to produce the extrodinary healing potency of Manuka. Used to quell over 60 bacteria and fungi, its antibacterial action is highly stable and has shown considerable success in clearing wounds and resolving infection.

Assisting digestion by coating and soothing the gastrointestinal tract, active Manuka honey shields the gut from damaging conditions such as acid reflux. The activity rating of 12+ indicates that its antibacterial strength is equivalent to a 12 per cent solution of phenol. Active Manuka honey has proved effective against the helicobacter pylori bacteria which cause gastric ulcers.

Throat, Mouth & Voice Care
Effective against throat-infecting bacteria, Manuka honey is also anti-inflammatory - soothing a sore throat while also combating infection. Children with night-time coughs who were given Manuka honey in a 2007 study [WHICH STUDY?] reported good symptom relief and good sleep. Emerging evidence suggests that Manuka honey’s unique healing properties even fight bacteria that cause gum inflammation.


Reduction of Plaque & Gingivitis
A 2004 study by H.K. English published in the Journal of the International Academy of Periodontology found that volunteers eating prescribed daily amounts of Active Manuka Honey showed reduced plaque and bleeding gingivitis after 21 days.

We recommend that you allow our lozenges to dissolve slowly in your mouth to prolong the contact with any affected areas. Two lozenges sucked sequentially and slowly works well for sore and tired throats.

Green Bay Provenance Promise
Our customers value our commitment to making sure we know exactly where our products are grown and harvested so that they are as pure as can be. It’s our promise to you that you can trust.



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