Crazy for Kelp

April 30,2013

People have been using kelp for thousands of years as a brilliant body-booster. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals, particularly iodine and potassium. Iodine deficiency is very common in our diets, but your body needs iodine to keep your thyroid happy and your energy levels balanced.

Kelp is a type of seaweed (we harvest by hand and dry ours naturally in the sun to keep the goodness) and because Green Bay Organic Kelp is real food it’s easy to absorb and digest.

  • Weight-loss support
  • Mineral & vitamin-rich
  • Balanced energy levels
  • Heavy metals cleanser

Naturally Good for You
There are lots of great reasons to bring kelp into your family life, and it’s a really easy addition to make. Here’s why:

Naturally Rich In Nutrients
Giant kelp contains alginates and over 70 trace minerals, including naturally high levels of iodine and potassium; much more than iodized salt and many other kelps.

Plant nutrients, including the iodine found in Kelp, is more easily absorbed by the body than synthetic forms of iodine. Your body needs iodine to maintain a healthy thyroid.

Clean & Pure
Our kelp is sourced from clean and remote seas, and we look at laboratory tests to check it is free of toxic heavy metals like arsenic. Clean kelp binds with heavy metals in the intestines, eliminating them from the body. Conversely, kelp harvested from seas around countries with chronic industrial pollution may actually introduce heavy metals into the body.

Salt Substitute
Kelp is very low in sodium which means that in addition to being a delicious gourmet condiment it’s a perfect alternative to salt.


Help with Dieting
Kelp is swiftly becoming the new wonder food for weight-loss support. Scientific research published in March 2010 discovered that the alginates found in kelp were better at preventing fat absorption than most over-the-counter slimming treatments.

Help to Maintain a Healthy, Balanced body
Kelp is a fantastic superfood crammed with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. The fabulous array of nutrients in Kelp means that it is a great booster, helping you to keep a healthy, balanced body.


Iodine is vital for a healthy thyroid. Our thyroid gland absorbs iodine ions to make hormones that control our body’s metabolic rate. If we’re deficient in those hormones our metabolic rate can drop by as much as 50% which means that we are burning dramatically less calories.

Lab analysis showed that Green Bay Harvest dried kelp has one of the highest concentrations of iodine found in any seaweed - approximately 8,165 mcg per gram (that’s 40 times higher than most other dried kelp available) so you don’t need a lot. A small pinch a day is enough to get the recommended daily 0.15mg.

We were really surprised to find out that you would need to eat 1.5g of table salt to get the equivalent amount of iodine.

* Please consult your doctor if you have a thyroid condition before adding kelp to your diet.


Alginates (seaweed fibre) are key to reducing the fat absorbed by our bodies. New research at Newcastle University shows that seaweed fibre can reduce fat absorbtion by more than 75%. Tests showed that sea kelp alginate was more effective in blocking fat than most over-the-counter slimming treatments. The alginate works by binding with dietary fats before they are absorbed into our systems.

Dr. Iain Brownlee of the Newcastle study said that this suggests that if we can add this natural fibre to our daily diets, up to three quarters of the fat in the food we eat could simply pass through our bodies.


Clean and pure kelp can actually help escort heavy metals out of our bodies by binding with toxic pollutants in the gut. Kelp, which is full of alginic acid, binds with any heavy metals in our intestines making them indigestible so that our bodies can eliminate them. But be careful that you buy and eat kelp that has been sustainably sourced from clean seas as kelp can be a natural carrier of heavy metals. Our lab tests show that Green Bay Harvest kelp has safe and low levels of arsenic, for example, because it is harvested from pristine waters. Check other suppliers carefully as kelp is so good at absorbing from the sea that it will capture heavy metals if it is grown in polluted waters.


Iodine is hitting the headlines because a growing body of research is attributing the high iodine level found in seaweed as the reason Japanese women, who eat plenty of kelp in their diet, have one of the lowest levels of breast disease in the world. Recent research suggests that higher iodine consumption is linked to lower rates of breast disease in Japan compared to America where iodine intake is low. Today 1 in 7 American women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Thirty years ago, when Americans consumed twice as much iodine in their diets, 1 in 20 women developed breast cancer.


There are about 300 different types of kelp growing as large seaweeds (algae). Some species can be very long and grow into kelp ‘forests’ in the sea.

Kelp grows underwater in shallow oceans. It needs nutrient-rich waters below about 20°C and is known for its extraordinary growth rates. Green Bay Harvest source the Macrocystis Pyrifera Kelp which grows as fast as half a meter a day, eventually reaching 30 to 80 metre lengths!

Dried kelp flakes from Green Bay Harvest contain alginates and over 70 trace minerals, including naturally high levels of iodine and potassium.


The kelp plant is a brilliant transformer of essential trace minerals from the surrounding sea into a pure human digestible form so it is vitally important that you know your kelp comes from pollution-free seas.

Green Bay Harvest Kelp is harvested from the clean Pacific seas around New Zealand where it is not exposed to large human populations or industrial pollution. As part of its organic certification we conduct regular lab-tests to check the kelp is free of toxic heavy metals like arsenic.

Green Bay Provenance Promise

Our customers value our commitment to sourcing high-quality kelp hand-harvested by people who care. We know that our kelp comes from pristine seas - it’s as pure and nutritious as can be. It’s a promise that you can trust.


Kelp is savoury and deliciously salty. Here’s some recipe ideas to help you to bring in the kelp:

  • Kelp is delicious sprinkled over fish
  • Place in a container with flour to coat fish or add to any beer batter.
  • Sprinkle on roasted vegetables .
  • Add to soups, stews and chowders.
  • Add a teaspoon to any savoury bread recipe.
  • Mix with unsalted butter to give some gourmet to your spread.
  • Sprinkle it onto salad or pasta just before serving.
  • Add a pinch to scrambled eggs
  • Sprinkle over avocado and lemon juice.
  • Add some kelp, pepper and shredded veggies to noodles.



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